Work experience

Councils are a major employer within their communities. Across Victoria, councils employ more than 43,500 staff in more than 300 different job roles.

Many councils assist local students to develop their practical workplace skills and experience through a range of employment programs for secondary students and/or work placements for further education and tertiary students.

While each council is different, the types of programs they may offer students could include:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Tertiary job placements
  • Cadetship
  • Graduate program
  • Pre-trade youth work experience.

Applications need to be made direct with the council through their preferred process.

To find out more about potential work experience or work placement opportunities, contact your local council or visit their website.

The Municipal Association of Victoria has partnered with Explore Careers to showcase the opportunities councils can offer high school students and encourage future leaders to pursue a career in local government.