Our website and the Vic Councils channel each meet Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 for website compliance. We achieve this by running regular Accessibility reports, and auditing our documents, images and site content routinely.

Font size

Web fonts can be increased or decreased using the text size icon located on the top right hand side of the homepage. This icon is located at the top right hand side of every page. Alternatively, change font size through the View menu on your internet browser's toolbar.


The majority of our documents such as Word, PDF and HTML are supplied in accessible formats. Some PDF documents currently do not have a more accessible alternative, but we can supply on request. Please contact other agencies direct to request an accessible version for external links indicated by the external link arrow to the right of all documents and hyperlinks across web pages.

Our most recently uploaded videos are complemented with captions and transcripts. Some older videos which continue to experience high playback statistics have also been captioned and feature alternative transcripts. Contact us for any accessible versions of any other multimedia content on the website on

Social media

We regularly communicate using our social media channels. All content generated – except those we share or re-tweet from other agencies – are available in an accessible format on this website.

Browsers and devices

Using upgraded browsers will create a far greater seamless experience of our website, and the Vic Councils channel. We are also aware that some councils and general users may have older browser versions of up to 5 years or more and as such we've ensured we've provided all major browsers for seamless experience, however for browsers that have not been upgraded on systems longer than this, we can not guarantee the same standard of browsing experience.

Our sites have considerable compatibility with all the latest browsers, except Opera. To ensure an optimal browsing experience ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of your existing browser.

Below is a list of compatible browsers and links to free upgrades:

Android and iOS

Our sites are responsively designed for smart phone and tablet devices for both android and iOS which results in small variations when viewed in each browser and by device. As a result, our web pages may have some variations dependent on your devices screen size, specifications and resolution which may affect the user experience.

Contact us

For Accessibility compliance concerns or requests please email