Procurement is simply buying products, services and works for the best value when spending public money, in a way that is fair and transparent for everyone.

Councils have to follow certain rules set down by the Victorian Government, operate in accordance with the Local Government Act, and also follow rules that their own councillors have decided upon. Things such as occupational health and safety, insurance and quality assurance are expected from suppliers.

When trying to decide how to best spend public money, councils take into account a range of factors:

  • Quality and performance
  • Value for money
  • Community expectations and values
  • Balance of affordability and accessibility
  • Opportunities for local employment growth
  • Partnership building with other levels of government
  • Environmental sustainability.

MAV Procurement is a unit of the Municipal Association of Victoria – the legislated peak body for local government in Victoria.

MAV Procurement leverages the combined purchasing power of councils to achieve better value on products and services.

Businesses can apply to become a preferred supplier for Victorian local government by participating in a MAV Procurement public tender process.

Successful businesses are added to the online contract management and e-quote tool called VendorPanel, where councils can log-in to access contract and supplier information, and quickly raise, evaluate and award quotes online.

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