Roads & transport

Eighty five per cent of Victoria’s road network is made up of local roads maintained by local government. Councils take into consideration issues such as road safety, congestion, growing and ageing communities, extreme weather events, economic development and freight needs when building and maintaining road networks.

In recognition of the many benefits of increased walking and cycling, local government also directly contributes to the liveability and wellbeing of local communities by striving to provide safe and connected footpaths and cycle paths.

Councils provide:

  • Local roads and bridges
  • Footpaths and cycle paths
  • Bus shelters
  • Community transport
  • Parking spaces and signage
  • Parking permits and ticket machines
  • Parking infringements
  • Traffic signs and road treatments to improve safety and reduce speeding
  • Road closures for events and roadworks
  • School crossing supervisors
  • Street cleaning.