New weed controllers goat the job done in Maroondah

Maroondah City Council has inducted a herd of goats to their staffing ranks, no kidding. The boer goats, currently on secondment from GrazeAway, are part of a managed weed control program.

For the next month the goats are skipping their morning goatmeal, opting to spend their days feasting on blackberries, the bulbs of onion weed and a tangled assortment of other problem plants.

A close-up photograph of a goat

Not a baaaad gig

Councillor Tasa Damante is proud of the unconventional ways Council is working to sustainably manage weed control.

“As part of ensuring a green and sustainable future for our community, we are always looking for sustainable ways to manage our natural reserves,” Cr Damante said.

A photograph of boer goats eating weeds in a pen“It’s great to see the goats enjoying themselves in the retarding basin; I look forward to seeing them next time I visit Aquahub!”

Goats naturally eat weeds and are an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to remove undesirable vegetation without the use of herbicides.

They are also able to reach areas that machinery and people cannot.

GrazeAway manager Colin Arnold, said goats are quite selective; their favourite things to eat are woody weeds and will often target weeds over some native species.

“They are quiet, very efficient and extremely effective. The community benefits as well; everyone loves goats!” Mr Arnold said.

The goats will be enjoying the weed buffet at the Croydon Retarding Basin until June.

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