City of Ballarat trials a nappy and reusable period items rebate

In an effort to achieve zero waste to landfill, the City of Ballarat has launched a trial rebate scheme for reusable nappies and period products.

Launched on Tuesday 1 March, the rebate provides a financial incentive to help households reduce their waste.

Residents can now apply for 50 per cent of the purchase price, of up to $100, for reusable cloth nappy products, reusable period products, and for reusable breast pads. The program allows for one application for each product type per household.

Early data measured across City of Ballarat’s website and social media channels suggests the program has been well received by the community.

A rear view of four babies wearing nappies

City of Ballarat Deputy Mayor, Cr Amy Johnson said the rebate is a fantastic initiative that enables families to make more sustainable choices.

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“We have used modern cloth nappies for our youngest and find them convenient and easy to clean,” she said.

"We know that many households want to make more sustainable choices but are put off by the initial costs of reusable products. By providing a rebate scheme, we are encouraging more families to give reusable products a go.

“Every family that switches to reusable nappies and period products gets us one step closer to our goal of achieving zero waste to landfill.”