2022 Victorian State Election

Vote For Communities

About the campaign

The upcoming State election, to be held on Saturday 26 November, is an opportunity for the MAV to continue to highlight the importance of an effective local government sector and encourage councils to take similar messages to their communities across the state.

In the lead up to this year’s state election, we are highlighting the opportunities to work respectfully with local government.

Key themes

The key themes and priority issues for the campaign are:

Economically sound councils Key issues: COVID-19 recovery for communities and councils; financial capacity

Download the Theme 1 issues document in PDF (1.2MB) or MS Word - (34KB) format

Healthy, diverse and thriving communities Key issues: Supporting our young families and senior Victorians; housing Download the Theme 2 issues document in PDF (262KB) or MS Word - (34KB) format

Well-planned, connected and resilient built environment Key issues: Planning and building; community resilience and emergency management; infrastructure & transport Download the Theme 3 issues document in PDF (266KB) or MS Word - (34KB) format

Changing climate and a circular economy Key issues: Sustainability & Climate Change Download the Theme 4 issues document in PDF (241KB) or MS Word - (28KB) format

Sector capability and good governance Key issues: Democracy in action Download the Theme 5 issues document in PDF (245KB) or MS Word - (29KB) format

Effective and responsive MAV Key issues: State-Local government relations Download the Theme 6 issues document in PDF (245KB) or MS Word - (27KB) format

Why it’s important?

The 2022 Victorian State Election provides a unique opportunity for local government to come together and ensure the delivery of more positive outcomes for councils and communities.

It is imperative that the next State Government – no matter its stripes – understands and acts on the needs of communities through their local councils.

We strongly believe that government needs to focus on getting back to making decisions not just on the cost of living, but also the quality of living.

Now is the time to get involved. Our state election campaign will need the support of councils across the state to ensure our voice is collectively as powerful as possible.

Find your council

Search our council contacts list for information including phone numbers, email addresses, council websites and councillor information for all 79 Victorian council contacts on Find your council.