Campaigning tips

To campaign effectively, you need to plan and be prepared. It is important that you know:

  • Information about the area in which you are standing
  • Information about the procedure of the election and the voting process.

The earlier you start your campaign, the more effective it will be.

You need to consider what message you want to communicate to voters and how you can best deliver that message.

This section provides an overview of various campaign approaches including:

  • Placing advertisements
  • Distributing brochures or posters
  • Door knocking people in your local area
  • Obtaining coverage in local press articles
  • Using social media and other digital channels.

Your approach will depend on the likely strength of your opponents, what methods are most effective in reaching voters in your area, your own available time, financial resources, the number of helpers you can organise, and the size of the area.

Top tips

When organising your campaign remember:

  • Voting is compulsory in local council elections for those whose principal place of residence is in the municipality
  • Local government is locally based and personalised so your campaign should reflect this.

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