Councillor professional development

Councils are expected to support new councillors by offering them professional development programs. It’s never expected that newly elected councillors immediately have all the tools, training, experience and competencies that might be required over a four-year term in office.

Through a combination of on-the-job experience and professional development programs, councillors will gain knowledge and skills in areas including:

  • budgeting
  • council planning
  • meeting procedures
  • advocacy
  • negotiation
  • media.

Professional development is voluntary, but is strongly encouraged and accessible.

Some councillors argue that because they’ve been elected all they need to do is take their place at the council table.

While it’s a democratic principle that candidates are chosen by voters, councillors are often part-time, come from diverse backgrounds and are required to deal with complex issues. It is therefore up to individuals to be open to continual learning and professional development.

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